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The right way to present facts about climate change to the deniers out there

We all know them, the climate deniers who will not budge on their opinion on climate change or global warming. Presenting facts or hard science achieves little, so before giving up try a few different approaches
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The greenest school in Canada

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hydrogen powered train quebec

Hydrogen Powered Rail for the Okanagan?

British Columbia is exploring this new technology as a potential addition for public trains in the Okanagan region. Story at

Plastic Straws tips, range of bright colours

Canada annouces ban

The Canadian government has released a shortlist of items which will be banned from sale as early as 2021. Story at

Mermaid power marine wave powered device in English Bay, Vancouver

Harnessing the ocean

A company in Vancouver has developed one of only a few experimental prototypes in the world that can harness the power of the ocean. Story at

Xyelco, photo montage of company

Xyleco, a company going places

How do you turn plant life into bio-fuel? An interview with this 81 year old reveals his journey and innovation. Story at

Fusion Power Reactor

Science fiction to become more like Science

Could fusion power soon become a reality? It has certainly made enourmous leaps in the last few decades. Story at

Don-Sadoway-testing with a student in a lab

The Canadian Inventor revolutionizing the battery

Don Sadoway talks about his battery invention, which uses unorthodox materials for a longer and more reliable product. Story at

electric_windows-feature. Scientist holding up piece of electric glass to the camera

The most practical window in the world

Still in their research and testing phase, a team of engineers has proven concept with a new type of window. Story at

Electric, solar powered jets flying over a city

Electric Airplanes?

Company, ePlane is planning to produce Canada's first electric airplane and offer unlimited flight passes in Western Canada by 2025. Story at


Global Climate Action & Change

Seaweed added to cowfeed is helping reduce methane
Who would think that cow burps and farts but mainly (90%) burps would have a significant impact on our global climate change situation?
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Innovators and Innovations

Tesla Roof Tiles
Another game-changer from Tesla: Solar Glass Roofing tiles, at least three times more durable than traditional roofing tiles
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Pioneer Log Homes
Fact is we could not have said this any better ourselves. We agree this is the approach that humanity needs and so we are passionately in favourable support of the team at Pioneer logo Homes!
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Free-Light products
Free-Light Solar Products are truly remarkable! Intuitive in design, engineered and guaranteed to last, their Solar Products add value to every home and exterior landscape.
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Canadian Policy

Canadian Energy Data Links
Access to all the Canadian Data Energy Links you could ask for along the electricity pathway: system-wide, resources, generation, transmission, uses and pricing.
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National Electricity – Including Renewables
Overall, electricity generation in Canada is predominantly hydroelectric (approximately 65 percent).
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Canada’s Energy Future: 2017 – National Energy Board
The evolution of climate policies and energy technologies will be an important part of Canada’s transition to a lower carbon economy.
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