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Membership Sales Position

Membership Sales People will:

  • Work with their Sales Manager to cultivate new Memberships within their territory.
  • Work mostly autonomously and without supervision in their day-to-day activities and responsibilities.
  • Develop the market with actions such as calling on prospective Members, providing information to prospective Members, assisting in new Membership signups.
  • Set goals and expectations for the market with their Sales Manager and work with them to achieve these goals and objectives.
  • Be able to work mostly from a home office but if transportation is needed, they would need to provide for these logistics themselves.
  • Be compensated on a commission only basis, however, they will have a large territory in a strong growth market.


  • A personable, flexible, willing and outgoing attitude is needed
  • Demonstrating leadership in all your personal and professional actions is required
  • Previous success selling value offers within the technology and online market place is your best asset
  • Demonstrated ability to call on and work well with customers in various settings will be required
  • Experience and historical success working within a commission based work situation is needed
  • Proven success working within sales teams to develop new markets is required
  • Exceptional organization, communication and record keeping skills are required
  • Passion for growing and developing the Alternative Energy Industry is required

* All applicants previous experiences will be considered, but only those matching these described above here will be called for an interviewed.

EWC is Looking for Positive, Outgoing, Professional Personalities for Sales Positions in Various Regions of Canada Including:

British Columbia

Victoria | Kelowna | Vancouver


Northern Albert Territory | Edmonton | Calgary | Lethbridge


Regina | Saskatoon




Toronto | Greater GTA | Ottawa


Montreal | Quebec City

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island

Northwest Territories

Newfoundland & Labrador

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British Columbia

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