HELIOS Motion Sensor Wall Mount Solar Light

HELIOS Solar Wall Motion Light Features:

  • Solar Collection Panel: 1W Mono Crystal Type
  • LED: 34pcs Natural White. 5500K Temperature.
  • Battery: Li-ion Replaceable.
  • Power Switch: Yes. Doubles as Mode Switch
  • Motion Sensor: Yes
  • Body: Injected ABS
  • Mounting Hardware: Yes
  • Intelligent Controller: Motion Sensor, Battery Monitor, Light Sensor, Over Charge Protection, Over Discharge Protection.
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year (complete product against manufacturing defect)

The HELIOS Solar Wall Light will not perform if mounted on north facing wall. Dimensions: 240mm W x 135mm H x 75mm D. (9.5″W x 5.3″H x )3″D Installed Weight: 1.2Kg, 2.5lbs Specifications subject to change without notice.


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Product Description

All in one solar light for driveway with motion sensor and large light footprint.

Solar wall mount motion sensor light with reflective solar panel cover

Modern design. Lots of light. Easy to install with only 2 screws. 3 Lighting Modes: Red: Low level until motion is sensed, then full brightness for 10 seconds. Green: Brighter level for 3 hours (motion function is still working for 10 seconds) and after 5 hours, brightness drops by 60% for the rest of the night (motion function is still working for 10 seconds).Orange: Bright level light for as long as battery power is adequate. The motion sensor works up to 15′ depending on outside temperature. The HELIOS is a great wall mount solar light for door entrances, patio decks, gate entrances, car ports, pathway lighting, parking pad lighting. The solar light has approximately 24 hours of lighting time on a full charge! SOLAR. No wires… …just add SUN HELIOS solar wall motion light is shipped fully assembled and tested before leaving our door. From box to installed in less than 5 minutes.