Member Support

Setup Your Member Page

How to setup and edit your LITE or PLUS Member Page, preview changes and upgrade your account.

Become A Product Seller

How to become a proficient Product Seller on Energy Wise Canada, including: Shop Setup, Shipping Details and Member Dashboard Access.

Sell Your Products

How to create, setup and edit your products via your Member Dashboard and see them on your Shop Page.

Member Dashboard

How to understand your Dashboard and change your account settings. How to access support messaging, edit your Member Page, Career Posts, Payment Preferences, View Notifications and Products Dashboard.

Images & Videos

How to properly size and optimize your images for upload for your Member Page and Shop Page. How to insert video links into your Member Page.


How to create a Career Post for your newest roles within your company.

Setup Member Page

1. Register First

Before you can create your Member Page on Energy Wise Canada you first must register.

If you are already registered, that is great news!

Please make sure you are logged-in before proceeding to the next step.

Click on either the Login or Register Button in the top right.

You will be directed to a Member Login & Register Page where you can enter your details.

If you are logged-in to the site, you can skip step 2 below.

2. Check Your Email

If you are registering for the first time, navigate to your email provider associated with your register information. You will have received an email from Energy Wise Canada welcoming you to the community. Confirm your email by clicking on the link provided and you will be directed back to Energy Wise Canada.

3. Select A Membership Plan & Claim Your Page

Select A Membership

LITE Memberships are free to use for all Canadian alternative energy businesses!

PLUS Memberships offer many more features to reinforce your brand and messaging online. PLUS Memberships have a small annual fee (under $2.00 per day).

Setup is easy, simply click on, “Create Your Lite Member Profile” to get started today!

Claim Your Page

To search for your alternative energy business on Energy Wise Canada input your company name and region in our search feature found here, and for logged-in users here.

On the right hand side of the page click on, “Claim This Member Profile”. (You must be logged-in to see this claim feature)

4. Setup Your Member Page

After you select a Membership Plan you will be directed to the Member Info Input Page. The selection of input fields differs depending on your choice of plan.

See below for the full list of Plus Member fields available:

1. About Us

2. Our Services & Green Initiatives

3. Contact Information

4. Business Hours

5. Company & Location Address

6. Search Results Banner Image

7. Promotional Billboard & Brand Logo! 

8. Community Category

9. Industry Service Tags

10. Video Gallery

11. Image Gallery

12. Brand Blog Posts

13. Custom Button

14. Your Brand Twitter Feed (COMING SOON)

15. My Products

Estimated time to setup your Community Member Page:

  • Setup LITE Member Page: 10-15 Minutes
  • Setup PLUS Member Page: 20-45 Minutes

After inputting in and reviewing all the details for your Member Page, click “Save & Preview”.

5. Confirm & Publish Your Community Member Page

You will be directed to a preview of your Member Page with all of your details in their respective sections. At the bottom right of this page you can either click “Edit Profile” to go back and edit your details, or you can click “Publish” to be directed to the checkout.

(Lite Memberships are free forever! & Plus Memberships are less than $2 per day or $699 CAD per year)

Fill in your billing details, agree to the terms and conditions, click “Proceed to Payment” to finalise your Annual Member Subscription.

LITE Memberships are free forever and you will not be required to proceed to the checkout or complete payment.

6. Access & Edit Your Member Page

Now that your Community Member Page has been completely submitted and has been approved by Energy Wise Canada you can access your Main Dashboard and other profile features by clicking on the Profile Icon in the top right corner.

In the dropdown menu click on, “Member”.

In the Member Area of your Dashboard, your Member Page will show up as the first item.

On the right side of your Member Page in the Dashboard click on, “More”, then “Edit” to make further changes to your profile.

Become a Product Seller

1. Create Your Plus Member Profile

Complete steps 1 to 5 in the above section “Setting Up Your Member Page”, ensure that you select and completely submit all your details for the PLUS Member Plan.

In order to create a Shop Page for your company you need to first create a Member Page, and select Green Products EWC Green Products Icon as your Category.

2. Access Your Products Dashboard

Once your Member Page has been setup and approved you may now proceed to setup your Shop Page.

Click on your Profile Icon in the top right corner. In the Dropdown Menu click on, “Products Dashboard”.

3. Setup Your Shop Page

The Products Dashboard will appear in a darker coloured menu (orange and black).

In order to setup your Shop Page click on, “Settings” at the bottom of the left side menu.

You will be directed to a page showing a similar menu to the previous screen. This new menu displays the setup items of your Shop, Payment, Shipping, Social Profiles and SEO of your Shop Page.

Fill in all the details on the “Shop Page” as seen below.

4. How To Collect Payments

On the left menu of the Shop Dashboard click on, “Payment”.

From the products you sell via Energy Wise Canada…


5. Shop Social Accounts

Enter the details for the social media accounts you would like to have displayed on your products Shop Page here. This feature is optional.

6. Setup Your Shop Page SEO

If you would like to add SEO to your Shop Page click on, “Shop SEO” on the left menu. From this page you can enter SEO Page Details, SEO Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and Social Media related SEO. This feature is optional.

7. Setup Shipping Parameters

On the left menu of the Shop Dashboard click on, “Shipping”. Click on the gear icon next to the page title (Shipping Settings).

Here you can select your Product Shipping Time, enter your Shipping Policy and your Refund Policy for your customers.

Setup Shipping Zones & Rates

Setting up your Shipping Rates is an instrumental part of completing the selling process with your customers.

On the left menu click on, “Shipping”, select the Shipping Zone  that applies to your Products (Populated Canada Domestic, All Canada Domestic, United States, or International).

In the window that opens, you can view the zone details, limit your Zone Location, set your Postcode, and add a Shipping Method, based on the Zone.

After clicking  “Add Shipping Method” a popup will appear where you can decide which Shipping Method applies to your Shop Products available.

Once your Shipping Methods are determined a new popup will display all the necessary fields for Shipping Rate Title, Cost, Status, Description, Class, Class Cost & Calculation Type for each method chosen as seen below.

9. View Your Shop Page

Logging into the site, and accessing your Shop Dashboard click on, “Vew Shop”.

Sell Your Products

1. Access Your Products Dashboard

In order to sell your products, please complete steps 1 to 5 in the above section “Setting Up Your Member Page”, ensure that you select the Plus Member Plan. Then ensure you complete steps 1 to 9 in the section, “Become A Product Seller”.

Now that you have become an approved Product Seller on Energy Wise Canada, from the top right corner click on your Profile Icon to view the Dashboard Menu then click on, “Products Dashboard”.

2. Create & Edit Products

On the Products Page of the “Products Dashboard” in order to create a new product click on, “Add New Product”, at the top of this page.

A popup a will open for “Add New Product”, where you can enter the basic product details such as:

Name, Price, Discounts, Images, Product Category, and Short Description.

Once complete click on, “Create Product”, or “Create & Add New”.

Once product has been created you can make changes to the details, by simply hovering-over the product in question and click on, “Edit”.

3. Setup Product Info

Once a new product has been created you can click on, “Edit”, on an existing product to be directed to the Product Setup Page which includes advanced features.

Areas of Interest

Click on the Category drop down to select which category your product belongs to.

Click on the Tags drop down to select which tags are associated with your product.

You can manage your own stock and inventory by selecting this option and entering your stock volumes available.

If your product has more than one attribute, you can add this here.

Bulk discount options can be added here.

4. Save & View Product

Once all the necessary details which apply to your product are filled-in click on, “Save Product”, at the bottom of this page.

To view the  product on your Member Shop Page click on, “View Product”, at the top of this page.

Your Dashboard

1. Access Your Main Dashboard

To access your Main Dashboard first login to the website. Once logged in, from the top right corner click on the coloured circle (this is your default Profile Icon – and can be changed in account settings).

A drop down will appear allowing you to access different areas of your dashboard. Click on, “Main Dashboard” to get a summarized view of the activity in your account.

The top of your Main Dashboard page displays 2 coloured boxes. From left to right they are:

Published: This shows how many Member Pages in your account are active. This is valuable for larger company’s who belong to more than one (up to 5) alternative energy community (Solar, Hydro, Wind etc.).

Expired: This shows the number of Member Pages which have expired and require renewal.

2. Your Account

Within the Account Page of your Dashboard you can change your personal information. Your information is protected by our Privacy Policy.

3. Messaging

You may access the Messaging feature of your dashboard to send Energy Wise Canada support (admin) a message should you have any questions or queries.

You can also use this feature to get in touch directly with other Members in the Community.

4. Notifications

Much like the Main Dashboard page which  shows summarised account activity, the Notifications Page shows you all Notifications which relate to your account.

Notifications include:

  • Product Sales Notices.
  • Messages received by support.
  • Message Notifications from Career Posts.
  • Approved Member Pages, Posts, Products.
  • Membership Subscription Renewal or Expiry Notices.
  • Message Notifications received from potential Customers from your Member Page.

5. Billing

From the Billing Page of your Dashboard you can view and download statements related to your Membership Subscription if you have subscribed the PLUS Membership Plan.

6. Shop Dashboard

To access the settings for your Shop Page and Products click on, “Products Dasboard”. This menu will appear in a darker colour (orange and black).

The first page that appears here will be the “Shop Summary” Page. It will show you all the relevant summarized information regarding the products you have available for sale, those that are pending review and customer product purchases.

7. Member Profile

From the Member Dashboard Area can view and edit your Member Page.

8. Career Posts

PLUS Members can access their Career Posts from the Career Page of their Dashboard.

Images & Videos

Search Results Banner Image

In the Member Community search results under any alternative energy community category a Member Page will be displayed in a card format.  An image will display at the top of the card followed by your company logo, name, tagline and your Member Page category.

The image at the top is called your “Search Results Banner Image” and can be added during the Member Page setup process for registered and logged-in users.

Member Page Logo & Promotional Billboard

When clicking into a Member Page from the search results or your dashboard you will see that at the top of the page is a banner image. This is call the Promotional Billboard and can be added during the Member Page setup process for registered and logged in users.

The dimensions for this image should be no less than 1300 pixels wide x 715 pixels in height.

The middle 285 pixels height of the entire length of the Banner is a safe zone for including text or other graphics you want to include.

Shop Banner & Shop Brand Logo Sizing

For Members who are setting up their Shop Page refer to these image dimensions for your Shop Banner Image and Shop Brand Logo sizing.

Shop Banner Image Dimensions:

850 pixels wide x 300 pixels in height. There is a text safe zone measuring 555 pixels wide x 115 pixels in height located 43 pixels from the right and 30 pixels from the top of the image.


Shop Brand Logo Image Dimensions:

100 x 100 pixels

Shop Banner

Shop Brand Logo

Video Links

After selecting a Membership Plan you will be directed to where you can edit your Member Page and include your video links. Scroll down until you find “Video Gallery”.

Simply enter the URLs of the videos that apply to your company.



1. Create Your Plus Member Profile

Making a Career Post is available to Plus Members only. Please establish your Plus Membership using the steps outlined here.

2. Access the "Add Career Post" Page


You must be logged-in to the website. To create a Career Post for your company access your Member Page by clicking on your Profile Icon in the top right corner then click on, “Member”.

From the Member Dashboard, click on, Member Page.

Once you have accessed your Member Page click on, “Add a Career” (the blue button).


You must be logged-in to the website. To create your own Career Post hover over “EWC” in the main navigation and click on, “Memberships”.

Underneath the areas mentioning “Claim Your Page” and “Upgrade”, find the section called “Post a Career” and click on the button here.

3. Edit Your Career Posting

You will be directed to an “Edit Your Page” where you can enter all your details for the Career Post.

On the Edit Page. See below for the full list of fields:

1. Career Type

2. Career Description

3. Career Info

4. Start Date/Time

5. Annual Salary

6. Language Required

7. Education or Training

8. Company Contact Details

9. Contact Information

10. Career Prerequisites

3. Make Changes to Your Career Posts

To make changes to your Career Post access your Main Dashboard click on your Profile Icon in the top right corner and click on, “Careers”.

Find your Career Post in the page that opens. On the right side of your post click on, “More”, then “Edit” to return to “Edit Your Page”.

Do you still have questions?

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