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Premium Quality Solar Lighting Solutions!

Solar lighting drastically improves the appearance and security of your home.
During the night time, you can relax and enjoy near your garden or on your porch or patio with our high-performance solar light products. Solar light fixtures should give you the flexibility to maximize your space after dark by providing the light you deem necessary.

Free-light solar lights offer you every type of light from accent solar lighting to security solar lighting. There are thousands of poor to mediocre products out there and it can be quite daunting to sort through the wild claims or mistruths. 


  • Free-Light high efficiency solar panels charge up to 4 times faster than others.
  • Free-Light solar panels are rated for 20 years of use compared to others that fade or yellow in a short time.
  • Free-Light uses microprocessor controlled electronics to prolong lighting time while others use crude or elementary electronics.
  • Free-Light uses daylight natural color LEDs to enhance your yards beauty compared to the typical blue white lights that detract.
  • Free-Light uses weatherproofed electronics for long life while most competitive lights have a short life time.
  • Free-Light designs are not a collection of random parts. They are designed with a target performance level in mind.