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Canada is a global leader in using renewable electricity to power our homes, businesses and economy. With more than 65 percent of our electricity coming from renewable energy, we are a leader amongst the G7 group of countries.

The story of renewable electricity powering the Canadian economy is almost as old as the country itself; in 1881, the Ottawa Electric Light Company built the first Canadian hydropower facility at Chaudière Falls.

Yet with so much potential, the most compelling story about Canadian renewable electricity has yet to be written.

Now the rest of the world is shifting to renewable electricity. From the United States to Europe to Africa and Asia, global investment in new renewable electricity capacity now outpaces fossil fuel sources. Technological innovation continues to drive down costs, and unlike fossil fuels, there’s no fuel cost.

The wind, water, oceans and sun provide an inexhaustible supply of renewable fuel to power our economy.

Ensuring our electricity grid is powered by clean, renewable energy offers a key climate change solution. And the more we electrify our economy—from buildings, to industry, to transportation—with renewable resources, the faster and deeper we can cut greenhouse gas pollution and ensure Canada stands out as a climate change leader.

With abundant and diverse renewable electricity resources distributed across the country, Canada has the potential to lead the world.

And when Canada leads, Canada wins.

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