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ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. (ASL), of which ASL AQFlow is a wholly-owned subsidiary, has been carrying out successful flow velocity measurement programs in difficult ocean environments from the Arctic to the tropics with acoustic scintillation methods since 1977. ASL has been working in hydroelectric applications for over 20 years, since October 2000 as the ASL AQFlow subsidiary.

What the ASFM can do for you
ASFM Advantage: One-time measurements of absolute or relative turbine discharge to:

determine optimum settings for maximizing operating efficiency of individual units and/or entire plants,
facilitate field performance testing and/or acceptance testing,
check measurements obtained with other technologies,
calibrate Winter-Kennedy taps,
review effects of fish diversion screens on turbine efficiency.
ASFM Monitor: Continuous long-term flow measurement in near-real time to:

monitor unit/plant performance,
document compliance with regulatory/environmental requirements,
monitor trashrack blockage,
detect penstock rupture.

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