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Audit Features

Professional Auditors

You can expect courteous, knowledgable and experienced energy audit experts to conduct your energy audit.

Audit Features

Thorough Reports

You can expect a prompt reply to your audit inquiry within 4 business days. You can expect your audit to be scheduled within 4 weeks. Receive your auditor report within 4 weeks from your auditor site visit.

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Competitive Rates

You can expect market competitive pricing for these energy audit services.

Audit Features

Service Features

You can expect a timely reply to your audit inquiry, a thorough energy audit report that includes: analysis and assessment of your property data, a thermal heat map of the structure and our findings and final recommendations.

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A professional audit on your home will give you the information you need to upgrade your residence to reduce energy consumption and save money.

A licensed and certified auditor will look at all the different features of your home: Windows, Ceiling, Basement, Heating, Hot Water, Insulation, Attic or Crawlspace and Air-Tightness.


For buildings with a larger footprint, an audit will enable a comprehensive look at the energy consumption data associated with a commercial building to identify fiscally responsible and sustainable energy efficiency measures that reduce energy usage and lower carbon emissions.

A licensed and certified auditor will look at your current heating and lighting, boiler setup, gaslines and mechanical equipment, sub-metering.


An energy audit completed on your farm property and systems can reveal ways to cut energy costs with various parts of the farm operations: efficient lighting, heating, irrigation systems, grain-drying equipment, soil fertility management and even waste management/conversion.

An energy audit can also look into the specific needs of livestock confinement systems, dairy farm operations, greenhouse facilities, aquaculture systems and sustainable fuels for machinery.

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