Compostable Packaging – The Way Forward

EWC member post image, Good Earth Packaging compostable take away containers

Compostable food packing isn’t just trending or trendy for the time, it’s the way we are going into the future. The fact that plastic food packaging simply doesn’t break down in landfills is why we must all make this change now, immediately as landfills fill up and countries far from here send Canada our recycled plastics back, as we all recognize what a huge problem this is turning into for all regions of the globe.

This brand: Good Earth Packaging (GEP) was started to help propel the solution to this problem. GEP is helping customers find these product they need to make the change needed. GEP is now at your finger-tips and our door is always open! So you have a choice to make.

Will your eatery or restaurant continue to supply plastic food packaging for your take-out or carry-away business, or will your business be a strong leader, a front-runner in leading change and setting a positive example for your brand to your patrons and to your industry partners and even to your competition, why not, show them too you’re leading the way in change, that you believe in action towards a better future for your kids, and you are now an industry leader by example.  Don’t delay, please visit: today. Change is your option.

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