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Help users put a face to the name. Upload your logo to your member profile.

Personalise your profile page by uploading a banner image which will appear in the top real estate area of the page. Multiple images can be added for a slider effect!

Provide information such as your website, phone number, email, location and various social network links.

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Tell your audience who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

Show users your profile statistics; page views, ratings, shares and favourites.

As a Plus Member, you may upload up to 50 photos related to your company/business/organisation.

As a Plus Member, you may upload up to 50 videos related to your company/business/organisation.

Include your geographical location on your member profile. This will also greatly serve your profile when users are searching for you on the Energy Wise Canada platform.

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Do you sell green products? With the Plus Membership, you can showcase your products directly from your member page on Energy Wise Canada.

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  • For Profile Logo Uploads, ensure that your file has the maximum pixel dimensions of 300×300.
  • For Profile Image gallery uploads, please ensure that files are no longer than 500kb in size.
  • When providing video files, please ensure they are first uploaded to a 3rd party resource (Youtube, Vimeo, Google).

After you have signed up, it should take anywhere between 15 to 60 minutes to setup and fill out your profile. (This is dependant on how much content you wish to include in your profile upon first setting up)

  • You can expect increased exposure to your brand and service offers.
  • You can expect high value lead generation and new revenue from your accomplished profile
  • You can expect increased SEO performance with your credible Canadian backlink associated with your profile.

Our main audiences are those people coming from Google interested in alternative energy updates, news stories, Canadian policies and programs, and those looking for alternative energy service providers within the Canadian marketplace. 

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