Canadian Renewable
Energy Policy

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British Columbia Energy Policy

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Hydro Energy Policy

Comprehensive BC Hydro Policy

A very informative and broad resource covering such topics as, Indigenous Policies, procurement strategies, preferred supplier lists, business and project opportunities, and investment tools. Comprehensive

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Renewable Energy Policy

Energy BC

EnergyBC is a comprehensive educational resource designed for the general reader that examines how energy is extracted, generated and used in British Columbia, Canada, and

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Solar Energy Policy

B.C. Hydro – Net Metering Guide

B.C. Hydro since 2004 has had over 900 customer participating in their Net Metering Programming, all of whom will be doing better economically on their

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Solar Energy Policy

British Columbia Solar Programs

Good guidance, leadership and mentorship for those looking into solar or wanting to jump right into the industry. Find vital info on payback periods, product

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