Blogger Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for Energy Wise America. We want to give authors an opportunity to publish their work, add to their portfolios and support the alternative energy industry. Our aim is to provide a diverse showcase of writers’ voices, across the alternative and sustainable field, in a variety of genres, all with the aobjective of engaging our readers.

Here are simple guidelines for prospective guest bloggers

  1. Guest posts are in the guest blogger’s own voice and does not represent the EWC in any overarching way.
  2. 300 words minimum to 500 words maximum
  3. Blog post submissions must be original, unique and non-promotional. We do not publish content that has already been published elsewhere. 
  4. Make sure your submitted posts are broken down in paragraphs, have clear headings and is formatted for readability.
  5. To illustrate your blog post or story use images, videos or rich media. These assets should be properly attributed and credited. 
  6. Include relevant keywords throughout your post in a natural way and optimize for SEO

Things we do not want to see in your article

  1. Not previously published. This includes no passages lifted from other articles unless attributed and presented as a quote
  2. DO NOT include any images that originated as stock photos. Any accompanying images should be properly attributed and credited 
  3. Once reviewed and accepted, your article should not be republished anywhere else, including your own website, to avoid duplicate content issues 
  4. No promotional articles, giveaways or other events are accepted. Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme, inaccurate content, or anything that has already been covered on the site
  5. We will not publish posts with offensive, inaccurate, or critical information of individuals and/or companies;

How Do I Submit a Blog Post to Energy Wise Canada?

When you’re ready to pitch us an idea for your blog post, fill out the form below and we will kindly respond with the results within 48 hours.

Energy Wise Canada is not obligated to publish your post. All blog posts must pass our editorial standards, to qualify for publication. If your post is declined, you are free to submit a new idea at a later time.

EWC reserves the right to edit and adapt your blog content as we see fit, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

You should not republish your guest article to your company blog, Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other sites once published on the Energy Wise Canada blog. This is due to the risk of a Google duplicate content penalty. Feel free to share the Energy Wise Canada link to your post.